Cardiff Investors

                                3 Ways to Invest with Cardiff:

1. Preferred Class I Shares – Minimum Investment Required

2. Direct Subsidiary Investment – Minimum Investment Required

3. Cardiff Shareholder – Purchase CDIF Stock on Open Market; No Minimum

Cardiff Platform

Preferred Class I Shares

Cardiff provides a premier alternative investment opportunity with mitigated risk in today’s small cap market. Now, accredited investors can invest directly with Cardiff through our Preferred Class “I” Shares. This tranche is designed as a discounted enhanced investment class whereby one share of Preferred Share Class I converts to 1.5 shares of Cardiff common shares. Preferred Share Class I spreads the investment across the entire Cardiff portfolio. Cardiff subsequently invests these proceeds in new acquisitions, debt conversion, subsidiary growth and operations. 

  • Phased Liquidity: “Lock-Up Period” – Shareholders are not allowed to convert and sell any shares for the first (6) months and one day. 
  • Make Whole Provision – On the date that is six months from the date of an investment in Cardiff Preferred Class “I”, should that investment have a Market Value of less the original investment amount, Cardiff would issue a number of additional shares of common stock so that the total number of shares issued has a value equal to the original investment. 

The Cardiff Holding Company is a pioneer offering accredited, longer term investors the opportunity to invest in one specific company while being protected by all Cardiff Subsidiaries. Investors who previously were unable to invest in Preferred Stock, now have that option. 


Direct Subsidiary Investment 

Cardiff also gives you the ability to invest in one or all of our subsidiaries. Cardiff’s “U” Pick option, allows accredited investors to pick which subsidiary has the most potential for future dividends and/or long-term growth. You select and invest in the subsidiary of your choice. Typically, “targeted” investment opportunities are hard to find for the average accredited investor. Most, if not all, small cap companies offer one series of Preferred Stock to key employees, VC Groups and Angels. 

  • Phased Liquidity: “Lock-Up Period” – Shareholders are not allowed to convert and sell any shares for the first (1) year. 
  • The Leak Out – Each direct subsidiary investor may then sell up to 8% each month for during months 7 to 12. Month 13 or thereafter they may, if so inclined, sell any or all remaining 44% on the open market. 
  • Not Cumulative – If you don’t sell in March, April, and May – you can still only sell 8% in June. This ensures maximum share price. 

The benefits of longer term Direct Subsidiary Investment could include: 

  1. Reduced Taxes
  2. Various Conversion Rates
  3. SPO – Possible future “Secondary Public Offering”
  4. Future Dividends – Determined by each Share Class


Professional Managers & Intermediaries:

  1. Private Equity Management
  2. Private Equity Firms
  3. Investment Managers
  4. Certified Financial Planners
  5. Merger & Acquisition Consultants
  6. Business Brokers
  7. Certified Public Accountants


Cardiff’s Investors Consist of:

  1. Founders
  2. Employees
  3. Angels
  4. Funds
  5. Private Investors

Investor Criteria

Accredited Investment

Investments on our platform are limited to accredited investors only.  Verification is necessary.  You must meet one of the following conditions:

– Net worth or joint net worth with spouse exceeds $1 Million  (exclusive of primary residence).
– Individual income exceeded $200,000 in each of the past two years.
– Joint income must exceed $300,000 in each of the past two years.
– Invest on behalf of a business entity with a total of assets over $5 Million

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Cardiff's Investment Strategy

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