Cardiff is a public holding company that leverages proven management in private companies that become subsidiaries under our umbrella. Our focus is not industry or geographic-specific, but rather on proven management, market, and margin. 

We target acquisitions of mature, high growth, niche companies. Cardiff’s strategy identifies and empowers select income-producing middle market private businesses and commercial real estate properties.

The target company’s proven management maintains full operational control. Acquisitions become standalone autonomous subsidiaries that gain the advantages of a public company without losing their independent management control. Management enjoys the advantage of improved valuation, liquidity, synergies, and support, along with diversification and asset appreciation through collective subsidiary performance. Diversification and pooled resources leverage value and mitigate risk. 

Cardiff provides these companies both 1) the enhanced ability to raise money for operations or expansion, and 2) an equity exit and liquidity strategy for the owner, heirs, and/or Investors.

For investors, Cardiff provides a diversified lower risk to protect and safely enhance their investment by continually adding assets and holdings. 

Cardiff employs a merge, acquire, and hold strategy to maximize value and potential of private, often family run, enterprises while providing diversification and risk mitigation for all shareholders.

Cardiff is led by strong and talented roster of executives and advisors providing expert acquisition, market guidance and added value for subsidiaries and investors.



Mr. Thompson was appointed Chairman/CEO in 2010 and served as CEO until appointing Alex Cunningham as CEO in 2015.  Formerly a television and entertainment industry professional with a 30-year career that embraces network and cable advertising sales, programming production and product placement. Thompson also founder Creative Entertainment Services, which he successfully sold in 2001. Included in this sale was Creative Television Marketing, a producer of short-form advertising concepts, Closed-Captioning Sponsorships, 10-Second Promotional Advertising vehicles, and network Game Show Merchandising. Mr. Thompson also founded Cable Rep USA, a media sales firm specializing in local market cable advertising, which he sold to Cox Cable in 1981. Mr. Thompson attended Wayne State University, Bellevue College, and College of Continuing Studies at University Nebraska at Omaha.



Mr. Cunningham’s background is C level management and business development with a focus on analysis of companies, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and franchising. He has led senior management in multiple companies and created and implemented growth and efficiency strategies for client companies. He is the founder of FranCnsult, Inc., a firm that represents Franchisors and Franchisees developing, owning and managing franchises and is the Owner & Managing Partner at the consulting firm AH Cunningham & Associates, LLC. Mr. Cunningham founded Profit Management Consulting, Inc where he managed projects and a staff of 85 as President & CEO for 10 years for over 2000 private or closely held middle-market client companies throughout 24 states. He served as a partner at the mergers and acquisitions firm London Capital Corporation where he managed all phases of the transaction process including market analysis, financial analysis, capitalization structure, business valuations, due diligence, negotiating, and closing transactions. Mr. Cunningham was President & CFO at Vance Communications, Inc., a national communications company with over 300 employees in 15 states serving such companies as IBM, Seimans, Northern Telcom, AT&T, GTE, United Telephone, Erickson, the U.S. Military, State Colleges and Universities. Mr. Cunningham earned his MBA at the Crummer Graduate School of Business Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida and earned a BBA Business Administration-Finance from the University of Kentucky – Lexington, Kentucky.



From turning around large, established companies to creating high growth revenue organizations, Dr. Roberts has passionately led with excellence a multi-billion, publicly-held database company along with healthcare, technology, manufacturing and direct sales companies.  He has led nearly 1500 employees at a given time servicing clients such as Capital One, IndyMac Bank, State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide along with federal and state government agencies.  

Dr. Roberts has authored 4 business and leadership books, holds an MBA from Liberty University, a doctorate degree in International Business & Entrepreneurship from California InterContinental University and was recognized as the “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015.  He has served on several industry and civic non-profit boards along with founding a non-profit that serves entrepreneurs in crisis.