Cardiff International, Inc. is a public company providing an “Equity Exit Strategy” for business owners. Acquisitions become standalone subsidiaries gaining advantage of the power of a public company without losing their independent management control. Cardiff provides a unique diversified platform protecting both the investor and subsidiary. Cardiff provides our acquisitions the ability to raise capital and give our investors the assurance their investment is at low risk.

Acquisition Platform

Acquisition Overview

It is very important that our relationship with each acquisition be one of respect, trust, and of mutual benefit. It is also very important that all investors are protected, therefore all acquisitions must meet the following requirements:

 – Profitable
 – In Business 5 + Years
 – Moderate to Low Debt
 – Great Management

Once the potential acquisition meets the above requirements the first step in our process is to issue a LOI (Letter of Intent). Once this is in place, we enter the valuation stage of the business and its assets. Once agreed to, agreements are drawn up and shares are issued under IRS Section 368(a)1(B) guidelines.

A Tax-Free Exchange occurs when the transaction involves a STOCK FOR STOCK Acquisition.  All acquisitions are added to the Cardiff consolidated balance sheet creating tangible value for everyone.

Investor Platform


Investor Overview

Cardiff provides alternative investment opportunities in today’s small cap market. Now, accredited investors can select and invest in the subsidiary of their choice or directly into the holding company to secure their investment over Cardiff’s entire portfolio.  Typically, “targeted” investment opportunities are hard to find for the average accredited investor. Most, if not all, small cap companies offer one series of Preferred Stock to key employees, VC Groups and Angels.

Investment Options:

1. Cardiff Shareholder (symbol CDIF)

2. Preferred Share Classes with Minimum Investment

3. Direct Subsidiary Investment with Minimum Investment

Investor benefits include:

  • Reduced Taxes
  • Various Conversion Rates
  • SPO – Possible future “Secondary Public Offering”
  • Future Dividends – Determined by each Class